While 90% of global production is controlled by analog instruments, almost all automation is installed as part of a new plant or for the purpose of expansion of existing facilities, using the digital network is connected to DCS system (Distributed Control Systems).

Today, in an age of digitalization, using laptop or wireless means of communication allows automatic access to data, view and intelligentsia anywhere within the DCS - it is combined with the self, self diagnosing and optimizing the elements of modern process automation, greatly facilitate and contribute to the effectiveness of activities beginning and operating parts.

This way we provide information to all who are interested in process automation.

We work hard to cover topics related to process automation such as DCS and PLC's, Batch Control, Validation, ANSI / ISA S88.01, Profibus, AS-Interface, PID, Advanced Control, Measurement, Human Machine Interface HMI, OLE for Process OPC Control, Process Instrumentation, Industrial Automation Training ...