About Us

About Us

We are a highly motivated team of process control engineers experienced in Siemens Automation Systems
with SCADA/PLC and DCS Solutions.

What We Are Doing

Our Major Job: we give "life" to the Process Industry
We make process control engineering, Software development and afterwords we make Project commissioning on the Plant.
We preserve excellent relations with our customers and partners, these are the guarantees of the high quality of the products and services provided.
Flexibility, speed of response and quality: These are the words which characterize our activities in trying to meet every requirement on the highest level for our partners.

Our Team

Karlo Kramar mag.eng.el.

Working on PCS7, Step7, TIA Portal. Great knowledge of PCS7, Step7, TIA Portal, Windows Programming and Visual Basic - ActiveX Development.


Cycling, Guitar playing, Guitar hand wired tube amplifiers, Wood handicrafts, Arduino Development.

Ivan Dropulja mag.eng.el.

Working on Step7, TIA Portal, PCS7. Great Basic knowledge of Step7, TIA Portal, WinCC flexible, Great Basic knowledge of ABB DCS 800xA system. Great knowledge of iOS and Windows Programming.


Cycling, Guitar playing, Football, iOS Development.

Luka Baranasic mag.eng.el.

Junior PCS7 Engineer


DIY enthusiast, Running

Vatroslav Celan mag.eng.el.

Working on Step7, PCS7. Junior PCS7 Engineer. Great basic knowledge of Step7. Great knowledge of Python, C/C++, and Robot Operating System (ROS).


Swimming, Clarinet playing, Travel.

Dino Dasovic mag.eng.el.

Working on Step7, TIA Portal, PCS7, ABB DCS800


Cycling, Gym.

Nedjeljko Vranic m.el.eng.

Working on Step7, TIA Portal, PCS7. Great knowledge of PCS7, Step7, TIA Portal, WinCC flexible, Great knowledge of Emerson Climate Technologies. Great knowledge of Sinamics drives.


Cycling, Gym, Electronics

Robert Henc CEO dipl.ing.el.

PCS7 Trainer with 11 years experience in Siemens Headquarter Karlsruhe on the Worlwide PCS7 Activities. PCS7 Specialist.


Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, Flying plane.