Evaporator Stations


Engineered with Step7 S7315-2DP, HMI WinCC flex panel TP 270 10"

Evaporating plants have a broad application in food and chemical industry. They are us

ed for evaporating of fruit juices, milk etc. Evaporating plant has 5 evaporation stages trough which juice flows which will be evaporated (to reduce the amount of water) from 20Bx to 64Bx.

In the first stage juice comes with approximately 20Bx, in this stage in the system also steam arrives. After that juice in free fall comes to the bottom of the first stage and then moving on the top of the second column (stage). The steam from the first stage goes to the second stage. In the second stage steam temperature is less (temperature profile from the first to the last stage is in levels of 15°C). In total there are 5 evaporation columns. The main challenge is to control the temperature (with steam-huge time lag) and the flow rate to get the right value of Bx. For example temperature change of 1°C on the first stage will change the amount of Bx in about 90 sec.

Additional product which can be caught in the process of evaporation is aroma. In the second stage also the aroma of juice is evaporating and can be caught with the vacuum system into the aroma tank where it will be cooled down in to a fluid state.